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Electrical Services

Whether you need residential or commercial electrical services in Tyler, Texas, you can count on BSH Electrical Contractors, LLC. Our friendly licensed and insured electricians can install or troubleshoot anything electrical.

Appliance circuit installation
Install Appliance Circuits

BSH Electrical installs circuits for clothes dryers, electric cars, microwave ovens, ovens & stoves, pool equipment, refrigerators, spas & saunas, washing machines and more.

troublshooting breakers and fuses
Breakers & Fuses

Never ignore a tripping breaker. If a breaker trips immediatly after resetting, this is a good indication that there is a short in the circuit. Call BSH Electrical as soon as possible.

BSH Electric installs ceiling fans
Install Ceiling Fans

BSH Electrical can install the fan you previously purchased, or we can help you select the best fan for your specific room. We do new fan installations and fan replacements.

Install Electrical Outlets

BSH Electrical installs, replaces, or even moves electrical outlets. Our services allow you to hang that flat panel TV, or remodel a room, or simply rearrange the furniture.

GFCI outlet
Install GFCI Outlets

Some electrical applications require ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). BSH Electrical has the knowledge and expertise to install GFCI outlets where required or desired.

under cabinet lighting installation
Install lighting Fixtures

BSH Electrical is experienced with installing or replacing all types of lighting, including track lighting, chandeliers, under cabinet lighting and more.

Phone and internet cabling
Phone & Internet Cabling

BSH Electrical can install a new phone lines or internet cables and connections.

recessed lighting installation
Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a great way to improve the lighting of a room. Call BSH Electric today for recessed lighting options and installation.

smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
Install Smoke Detectors

BSH Electrical installs smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. CO is extremely toxic and usually goes undetected. We have devices with both smoke and carbon monoxide detection.

switches and dimmers
Install Switches & Dimmers

If you've done some remodeling or re-arranging of the furniture, BSH Electrical can move that light switch to a different place. And we can update the atmosphere of a room by adding a dimmer.

electrical troubleshooting and repair
Troubleshooting & Repair

Is there no power along one wall or one whole side of your house? Outlets suddenly stop working? Breakers keep tripping? Not to worry! BSH Electrical specializes in electrical service and repair.

residential and commercial electrical services
And More

BSH Electrical can handle just about any residential and commercial electrical need in the Tyler, Texas area. Give us a call today!